Hawkes Bay Monster Hunters

Well that was less than ideal

we are fucked all the way up the ass... all the way up

After waiting for the wolves to interrogate the silver fox’s henchman in another room as not to flee from their very scary wolf form we were told some information they managed to pull from him.
They had tired from doing so and left the rest of the job to us.

We managed to get a code word out of him for his report in time and we were going to take his place and see if we could get a face to face meeting with the Silver fox.

The talk time on the computer was quick, Silver Fox wanted to meet up in 2 days time in Hollywood. Great this would be where we would get him unawares.

We spent a few hours looking at the house trying to see if we could get any information, No one came in or out that we saw and we could not see inside.
When someone did arrive at the house we missed seeing them only to see the car pull in and garage door close.

We had plans to lure them out to see if they were anyone that we could identify but all ideas were met with disappointment has all windows were closes all blinds were closed and the fuse box was on the inside of the house…. such bad luck .

I even tried tapping into the houses WiFi but to no avail. managed to see almost everyone’s WiFi but the house we needed . Luck was against us.

We did not want a repeat of the last house we went into were the team was put into a state of shock as they witnessed to changing of a human into a Werewolf ( A scary thing to behold) so we adopted a shoot first ask questions later policy.

Rock through the back door and waiting for something to show its head …. BOOM 1 down a few seconds later BOOM 2 down at this point i asked what the house looked like and it was a family home…. we had been fooled.
That’s when the police turned up … RUN

After a tense few minutes the worlds fastest police / Olympic sprinters / athletic superstars had caught us all and as we were being loaded into the paddy wagon a familiar face walked out of his house across the road and waved us goodby.

Now we are in real trouble 2 people murdered , running from police, holding the weapon that killed these innocent people.

It might be time to end it all i do not know how i will live with myself now.



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