Hawkes Bay Monster Hunters

Angels need us after all

Max tells it like it is

After a few days rest we get a visit from rufas.
He says some of his friends have been murdered. I think if something is killing angels what sort of Chance do we have against them.

But time to help a Friend I’n need.
We head of on a 3 day trip to get to where the murders took place.
On the way we came across many fine eatarys and motels , lovely old lady’s that cook a mean fried chicken, good takeaway establishments and more motels . Ow what I could tell you about these places it could take up 2 hours just describing them, fine just fine places. All so we were attacked by 2 werewolves that produce shotguns out of thin air but meh they ran off scarde of me. Turns out my memory did not serve me well this day, they produced the guns from the back of their car.

Team nearly all but down and out I put them in a lovely motel slash safe house and give ruface a call, he helps the team.

2 days later we start our investigation and all our leads lead to nothing we are left scratching our heads on where or what to do next, hopefully something presents itself.



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