Hawkes Bay Monster Hunters

Max tells it like it is

Max Power

So some people are sulking around the house due to the loss of the first max.
After about a month of that we got the distraction we needed from the corporation, come to our super secret base for some training.
So off we go via plane to a old or so we thorght was old army plane base from ww2. There we were in intensive training in stealth and low-level parachute drops. I must be a slow learner because after the training period I felt like I have not learnt a thing, wile others steamed to be fast learners.
Training done it was time for the mission, now in typical corporation manner, they tell us about the mission, the tell us where it is, but give us no advise on what we might need or could be useful. Turns out one of us were well prepared.
So in the plane for our low height drop we all jump out one after another but the plane must have been traveling at Mach 9 because we landed 1 1/2 hours March from each other.sigh.
After waiting for the rest of the party we found our targets area and set up, shortly the targets cars turned up and the shooting started.



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