Hawkes Bay Monster Hunters

Angels not so angelic

Max tells it like it is

We took our wounded back to the safe house and made contact with Ruface.
After some snarky comments we decided to leave the demonic child alone for Ruface to do the talking.
We listened in as best we could turns out Angels have a good vocabulary.
He learned the location of the demonic infestation and gathered his mates for a bit of pay back.
Some of us were invited to see how they deal with daemons, I personally declined but a few of us went along.
The process was described to me in detail and I was under the impression that angels were ment to preserve life not just fritter it away at a whim. Theye were still living human’s, but we were told that the human was long gone (im going to find out if that’s the truth at some point).

Back home and we were invited to a shindig, by some new to the town young female with loads of cash very suspicious.

So at the party we start looking for clues to what this girl is all about, we think she us a vampire but cold not confirm it. But a few hours later she does it herself.
We were taken to a side room and she tells us she is the friendly sort of vampire and would like to be friends. More so with one of us than the others.

She even gave us a gift in the form of a trapped werewolf in a cage. He is one of the sliver fox gang.

After some spraying and prodding we learned the location of his latest abode . We sent the other werewolf ahead to scope it out and we are now on our way to destroy his existence.



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