Hawkes Bay Monster Hunters

Time to end this charade!

“Magnum’s fifth blog”

We had a location, albeit, a vague one narrowed down to a town in the middle of nowhere. We were fully armed and armoured, and for once, able to take a lead and simply chase it down.

There was a good idea thrown out there that we could fly to our destination quicker than we could drive, so I arranged a private flight on the only available plane, a crop duster, and made a bee-line to the airport. On the way to the airport, I also booked us a rental car at the airport we were landing at so we could immediately get straight back onto the trail.

A bumpy flight lead to several people feeling fairly ill, myself included. I’ll have to ensure that I alway have some form of adequate transportation available in the future, because that flight was near on intolerable.

Touch down lead to a car ride which lead to a stop at the local police station. A flick of my FBI badge and my most charming smile saw possibly the most helpful officers in the state area rushing round to assist us in any way they could. They even dedicated an officer to watch for the IP address we tracked and let us know if this showed up again so we could get an accurate location.

In the mean time we headed to the local diner. Apparently, everybody, and I mean everybody, ends up there at some point. I flashed a photo of our Silver Fox and he was sort of recognised, and we were bid to wait for a particular waitress who served him, since she started her shift in half an hour.

When she arrived, she was able to give me some good info, suggesting that the Silver Fox had just bought a ranch nearby, and even though she couldn’t remember the exact one, my new friends at the local police station confirmed there had only been one sale in the recent past, and gave us the address.

We left the rental car at the diner with a message for the hire company and booked a taxi, and immediately headed to our destination.

It was clearly a large ranch, so Max headed to some of the enarest trees to climb up and get a lay of the land. While he saw movement, he didn’t recognise any of the people we were tracking. There was nowhere particularly appropriate for him to set up with his new rifle, so we moved down the driveway to get him closer to the shed where he could set up on the roof and keep an eye on us, with Kilo acting as his spotter.

Before we got all the way there, we saw two large canines, easily bigger than normal wolves, loping towards us. It was a sure fire bet these were werewolves as a wolf wouldn’t attack like that and their size and terrifying speed gave them away as well.

Luckily we were as prepared as wel could be for this and readied our guns for them to come into range. Max was able to take one down with two well placed shots, and the other managed to get into range to bite Jasper in the ankle before dying to the veritable hail of bullets that had come its way. And the loss of its head due to Kilo lopping it off with his katana.

The other one had somehow survived its grevious wounds and came charging towards us, perhaps to avenge its fallen comrade. This one had to survive more bullets, this time filled with silver. It didn’t.

This very quick exchange, coupled with the previous encounters with werewolves, highlighted that we really only have an advantage at range, and with superior numbers. Any other way of taking them on was considerably more likely to leave us dead.

Max and Kilo got on the roof of the shed and watched the rest of the area while Aldo and Ten took the front door of the house and Jasper and I took the back door of the same house. We came in through the kitchen and there was precious little in there other than a door going further into the house.

Moving cautiously through the door, we came face to face with guns…weilded by Ten and Aldo. Thankfully they didn’t fire on a whim. There was a cleverly hidden door in the stairs, obviously heading to a basement and the actual stairs heading up. Ten and Aldo quickly checked up there, determining nobody was home, but tow of the four beds up there were used, most likely by the werewolves we killed coming in.

Downstairs was dark. A light switch at the top of the stairs quickly provided the illumination that the two glow sticks I tossed down failed to provide.

We were in a huge basement, twice the size of a good sized lounge. A massive cage was on the back wall with a woman and a man in there. The man was chained up and straining to get to the woman, feral sounds issuing from his throat. He turned as we came in and revealed Max! The feral snarl that left him filled me with a dread I’d not felt before, and it was all I could do to not simply flee the room.

Jasper made a quick exit to go and grab Kilo and our other Max. The rest of us moved cautiously closer.

As we moved, Max grew in size and bulk and tore free of the chains, leaping onto the woman, obviously his sister, and tore her throat apart in one fell bite of his now massive jaws. Horror, revulsion and sadness hit me like a hammer blow and the only option we flet we had was to put Max down like the rabid dog he was acting like.

A hailstorm of bullets ripped into him, ending his life quickly. Hopefully he wasn’t in too much pain at the end. Unfortunately, we were too late to save the life of the beautiful young woman in the cell with him. All that was left was the necessary clean up.

There was a screen on the wall looknig over the cage that flicked to life as Max breathed his last. The Silver Fox himself. He bemoaned the loss of the one who was supposed to become his apprentice and new right hand man. He threatened us with violence and the loss of all we held dear for setting him back and the screen dide, just as he promised we hadn’t heard the last of him.

He was right…I’ll hunt him to the ends of the earth! I will find him again, and end his miserable life.

A phone call to the Corporation got us the clean up crew and our rides out of here. The whole time on the basement was difficult to focus on, and Jasper couldn’t, or wouldn’t, remember any of it. Perhaps the traumatic experience was too much. Regardless, one chapter closed, but it felt like several more were waiting to be opened.

Final addendum: Time to find some specialist body guard style protection as well.

Always at least one step behind

“Magnum’s fourth blog”

Max finally managed to find the seller for his new gun. Just had to wait a few days for the appointment to come good. In the mean time, he managed to get his hands on some grenades as well. Those might come in seriously useful. We’ll see.

While Max was arranging for this stuff, we did some more combing of the area, but with Kilo and Ten along to help. More eyes equals more chance to spot something supposedly. This was slowly proving false sadly.

Kilo and I went to work on the local businesses to see what was had been happening in the past few weeks. I approached a nearby security guard and got chatting. An amicable fellow, but before he could tell me much more than, the area has been real quiet lately and I’m good with that, a loud gunshot went off. Followed by several more. A look at Kilo said the same thing…probably Ten…

The gunshots were followed almost immediately by texts from Jasper saying he was severely wounded, so we rushed off to find him and try and help.

Although there was a little break in the case as Ten, Aldo and Jasper were handed a note from a random bum slinking around. The short note essentially told the small group they were too late yet again and to desist from searching since he was too powerful now he had his own pack.

Taking the note back to Jasper, who was waiting outside the warehouse, something happened. Not quite sure as all I got was some loud gunshots and some text messages. By the time Kilo and I arrived, we found Jasper in a large amount of trouble with an arm hanging limply by his side (a quick check confirmed it was badly dislocated) and Aldo looking very worse for wear. The two of them needed a hospital quickly.

Inside the van was a whole other story. The door slid open to reveal Tennessee up to his elbows in blood and viscera, scarily calmly hacking his way through the neck of a corpse, human at that.

I was later assured by Ten, Aldo and Jasper that this was in fact a werewolf, and Ten was adamant that this was the best way to ensure it was truly dead, since the last werewolf they killed didn’t exactly stay dead. Of course, this knowledge didn’t save my Armani suit from the shock vomit stains. Werewolf, one, suit, zero.

At least this gave us a trail to follow (thanks to some slick computing work from Max), and once Jasper and Aldo were out of hospital (Jasper was VERY keen to get out of there) we followed the lead to a production studio.

A clever plan was hatched to talk our way into the studio to see if they could provide the base for our non-existent documentary, scope out the place and then get back in later at night to do the real investigations.

Of course, it was empty.

A chance encounter with the janitor gave us a forwarding address though, so we had somewhere to go from there.

Of course, this was a trap, and while we may have known this on a subconscious level, it was thrown in our faces very quickly!

Heading to the new address, we were fairly cautious, but the place was clearly abandoned and derelict, with overgrown lawns, weeds and ramshackle, well, everything.

Inside was another story. There wasn’t much in the kitchen but a laptop on a desk and some chairs. Max carefully checked the chairs for a booby trap but didn’t find anything. The screen on the laptop lit up and the Silver Fox himself was on the screen talking to us. He was watching us through a multitude of cameras set up in the room.

The long and short of it was the Silver Fox gloating that we were too late, yet again. This time Max was one the keyboard trying to trace where the signal was coming from (or something like that). Once the Silver Fox realised he was doing that, he showed us a feed of a countdown with only a few seconds left. Naturally, we fled..

…and got blown from our feet in various state of injury. Getting up gingerly, I looked over and Jasper was being inhabited again. James. Our Angel. Literally.

We thanked him for the help as he healed our wounds, but it got me wondering where Angels draw the line at helping in ‘human’ affairs since Rufus had said that this entire investigation was not something he as an Angel could (or possibly, would) help with. But here’s James at our moment of need, thankfully.

Max did manage to get some form of location out of the laptop before the whole house blew up, so with little other options, I think that’s where we’re heading, especially since we are already armed and armoured and ready to go.

Max looks for Max
Max tells it like it is

Got a call from an old mate needing help tracing down one of his crew.
Ten grand later I arrive and start to track this Max fellow.
The trail leads us to LA .
We get new suits and have a meeting with a supposed werewolf, just looked like an average man to me. Tells us to wait for another death because the trail has gone cold. So now it’s a waiting game . Time to find myself a nice rifle with my new found wealth.

Looking for Max? Always use Max!

“Magnum’s” third blog

Max has disappeared. Apparently, this in and of itself is not unusual, but he’s been gone for nearly a week and hasn’t taken his laptop with him, which is extremely strange. He’s not answering his cellphone and Rufus tells me this is human affairs and he’s not going to be of any help.

During this week, Jessica heads back to work with Rufus and the previously incarcerated Aldo has been released with an apology and came back to the club rooms.

We have a quick look at the computer, but we don’t have the skills required to get into it, and we’ve currently got no other leads. I met a guy while looking for Rufus. Funnily enough, his name was Max as well, but he was a…interesting…fellow. But handy in a number of situations. I give him a call and transfer $10,000 for his services in helping us look for our Max.

He quickly finds an email indicating that old Max is off to look for the serial killer werewolf as he has Max’s sister, that old Max had no idea he had, and she matches the killing profile. We’re led to an internet cafe.

I stride in and find a very self important fool manning the front desk. I show my FBI badge and the picture of Max and ask if he’s seen him and what computers he normally used. Instead of answering a simple question, he demands that I provide a search warrant in the “guise” of protecting his clients confidentially. It’s a public space!

I’m loathe to keep calling on the Corporation for help and the thought crossed my mind that we access the place at night and simply avoid the idiot and troubling the Corporation altogether, but a phone call later and Agent Jeff has a search warrant ready in about an hour.

We get access to the computers and find a bank account with $25,000 in it and $5,000 withdrawn five days ago and the address of where the money was withdrawn. There is also an email there set to go out to the media should old Max not return to log in and place it on hold each fortnight. I get new Max to hold it for the moment as its release could prove troublesome for the Corporation and Rufus in particular, whom I hold in high regard.

We head over to the petrol station where the money was withdrawn, and since Kilo and Ten are off on a bonding fishing trip, there is only four of us, so we take my car rather than the clapped out van the boys have.

The guy pumping gas doesn’t recognise the photo, but the other worker does. In fact, he sold him his motorbike for $5,000. He started explaining what it was but I got lost at Harley. Aldo had a clever idea to use the camera on the money machine to see if we could find old Max, and it was a short leap from there to get Agent Jeff to use the lights cameras to track old Max at each intersection.

We tracked him to Los Angeles and then in between sets of lights, he disappeared.

We spent a few days looking through side alleys, warehouses and knocking on doors, but had little luck. In the mean time, I had new Max utilise some of his contacts and try and find us some things from the black markets. I bank rolled the exercise, and he searched. he did find an extremely powerful shotgun for Jasper, but so far has not found the right rifle for himself.

Jasper and Aldo managed to find the bike old Max bought and has hidden between dumpsters. It was incredibly well hidden since it hadn’t been stolen already. It was then that Jasper and Aldo noticed somebody watching us while driving very slowly. Aldo thought it looked like a werewolf that Ten and Kilo had killed.

Jasper called a family called the Partingtons and they confirmed that this werewolf was not actually dead, and had resumed his search for the serial killer dubbed “The Silver Fox” by old Max. Jasper was able to get a contact number out of them and I called him. Nothing like going back to my cold calling roots.

He was understandably cagey, but we agreed to meet in a restaurant up town. We got there, but it was of the calibre I used to frequent back before the real world took over my life. This was an issue because I was the only one dressed well enough to get in. Thankfully, there was a shop lower down the building that could help. I took the boys there and gave the poor, long suffering assistant ten minutes to get everybody suitably attired. I simply left my card there and returned upstairs to ensure that our meeting was not derailed by simple clothing.

Our…man…was there and we made small talk till the guys made their way back, about fifteen minutes later. Great work from the assistant and I made a mental note to go and thank him for his exemplary service.

We traded notes, what little we had and came to the conclusion that we could try and help each other, as long as Ten and Kilo weren’t involved. This could get challenging, but at the very least, I would be able to text him. It was something.

The Silver Fox had changed his M.O. He was now apparently trying to create an army, and so far, appears to have failed. There are bodies showing up that are dying from a simple bite, which matches what we’re finding.

With nothing else to go on, unfortunately, our only option is apparently to wait for another murder. I’m not sure how to get myself comfortable with this method of investigative work. Maybe Ten can provide another avenue when he and Kilo arrive…

Puff goes the crew
Max tells it like it is

So there we were looking into the missing guards.
I was on second shift watching the crew on the monitor. Use the force had found a Egyptian tablet we were to find.
Just as I was telling young Skywalker not to touch it he goes to touch it and puff both team members disappeared.

Well shit. I wake up the others and direct them to where my team puffed into non existentance .
Bad thing about that was nearly as soon as they got to that area they disappeared too.

Well shit. I rang everyone even the Corp they even managed to say uh. So I sat and waited and about an hour passed and pop out popped the crew.

They had been in a fight with zombies and mental man had been possessed by a angle.

Well as I said this would be my last mission for the corp. It funny how things work out . It’s my last mission but it’s not ending how I thought it would.

Magic all around the world...or at least, Egypt

“Magnum’s” second blog

There wasn’t much to see while doing the rounds. I’ve little skill in investigating crime scenes or even museums, but thankfully I had Tennessee and Kilo along and they were not able to see anything obviously amiss either.

Other than not talking to the Curator during the day (time obviously got away from me), we covered all the bases. Set up all the motion sensor equipment, heat sensors etc. All this was linked back to the video feeds and worked perfectly. We then set up two groups of three to work in shifts throughout the night so that each group would get some rest.

Both the Head of Security and the Curator asked us to keep an eye out for a tablet in the Egyptian wing that was actually supposed to be in the Greek wing. With a photo of it and a translation provided, we promised to keep an eye out.

I drew Tennessee and Jasper, so we had a good covering of people. I ended up on video watch, but as I had little to offer on the ground, this proved the right decision. Prior to watches being taken, I nipped out to the car and grabbed my duffell bag with my ghost hunting equipment in it as well, just in case, and after giving the others a crash course, they took it with them on their rounds.

Nothing happened on my watch, but I was woken by Max as he lost his two partners from the video feeds about three hours into his shift.

Luckily with the clever set up of the additional equipment we organised, Max knew exactly where Jessica and Kilo were when they disappeared. It looked suspiciously like the tablet we were asked to look for was the focal point of the vanishings.

I grabbed my ghost hunting gear and went with Tennessee and Jasper to check the area out while Max maintained video and communications links from the security office. None of the equipment was showing any indications of things amiss, so cautiously, I attached the EMF to a selfie stick and moved it closer to the tablet so I didn’t go past the velvet cord…

…which proved a mistake.

Immediately, I blacked out. Apparently, so did Tennessee and Jasper. We woke up in the hot sands of a gladiatorial arena, in what looked like Egypt. And there was somebody speaking loudly, saying they were glad there might finally be somebody worthy. No idea how we understood them, but there was a Pharaoh yelling at us.

The sands started to shake and, people, crawled out and moved towards us. They were clearly dead and shambling towards us at a slow, but determined shuffle. Reflex took over and bullets started to fly.

Kilo bravely stood his ground, surrounded by numerous zombies (what else could they be?), allowing the rest of us to get away and focus on shooting them down. It took a few moments, but I finally realised that he didn’t need to do this, but by this time, he was surrounded and struggling to hold his own as he was overwhelmed by sheer weight of numbers.

The others followed my lead and moved and shoot, never staying still long enough for the zombies to catch us. I destroyed the legs of one attacking me, and it continued to pulled itself towards me using only its arms, so I focused on another one, knowing the first one would be unlikely to get close to me.

I had handed Jasper my larger SMG and he was using it fairly effectively, mowing through multiple zombies at once. I might just have to make sure he has one of them on him at all times. Seems prudent to make sure I’m surrounded my well equipped hunters if we are going to be doing this long term.

The last of the zombies went down and Kilo was laying down, covering by two zombies. Thankfully, they weren’t moving either, so I rushed over and rolled them off, frantically administering first aid. He kept breathing and even woke up, so I must have done something right.

While I was doing that, the Pharaoh walked down the steps and into the arena. It looked like he wanted to fight us as well. God only knows why. We had no idea what we were doing there and in really bad shape from the zombies.

It was at this point that Jasper spoke. His voice was different and his eyes glowed white. Definitely something strange going on there. However, he called us over and somehow, a wave of energy (it’s the only way I can describe it) passed over us and we were all fully healed. It was a strange sensation, but one I could get very used to.

The lights went off and Jasper looked more than a little confused, and the Pharaoh approached more rapidly than should really be possible. Our guns were raised in self defense, but they were never needed.

The Pharaoh simply told us we were unworthy, and to a man (woman in Jessica’s case), we simply agreed and started bowing to him. He seemed…disappointed. He ordered us to grab him food and turned to go back to his throne.

Jasper glowed again.

What followed was a horrific argument, of which, being (hopefully) mind controlled by the Pharaoh, I considered extremely rude by Jasper. Well, James. Apparently, when his eyes glow, his schizophrenia responds to James.

At the end of it, James demanded the Pharaoh sleep for a time and I blinked. And in the next breath, I was back in the museum, along with the rest. James had the tablet in his hands and simply crushed a solid marble tablet into dust between his hands.

He told us that would lock the Pharaoh (James called him Khufu, who apparently had the Pyramid of Giza built) where he was and nobody else would be troubled by him again. I was happy to take him at his word. Didn’t see any other way of resolving the situation. Also seemed to have a ancient solid gold coin in my hand. In fact, we ALL did.

I had the Curator look into mine and he told me it was from about 500 BC and extremely valuable. since we had just crushed an ancient tablet, probably also extremely valuable, I gifted the coin to the Museum in recompense.

The trip back involved a team debrief to ensure we all told the Corporation the same thing and the trip was uneventful other than that. Well, I DID offer to privately fund the group rather than have us continue to work for the Corporation, if that was preferable (my broker left a message informing that a large deal had been successful and I was a very wealthy man again…although not at the same level as when I was working of course).

Back in Charming, the Corporation had a man turn up to debrief us. Apparently, he was the normal handler, and seemed fairly new to the supernatural element as our carefully crafted story was accepted with a suitable level of surprise and shock, but no disbelief.

Turns out in the time we took to deal with this case, there has been a complete overhaul of the Corporation. Being a government department, this caused me a sizable level of consternation, but at this point, I’ll believe it when I see it, and my personal offer will stand. Still, since it was Rufus organising it, I’ll trust him still and see where this leads.

Jazz's totally corporation safe diary

Number of dead people who talked to me: None, cause I don’t hear voices cause that would be weird.

Well that was a reinvigorating break before our next mission. The lovely corporation we work for gave us a laid back debriefing that went rather well I thought. They were very reasonable about our actions with the Partingtons, and decided to bring Carlos and Aldo in for some therapy to deal with stress issues.

They gave us a couple of replacement hunters who I’m sure will be a magnificent stand-in. One of them has a really flash car, which is unusual for a hunter I believe.

In the meantime we’ve been given our next assignment. Night guards are going missing at the Smithsonian and they need someone to work out what is happening to them. So far there is no clues but we are setting up our surveillance and hope to have this one sorted efficiently.

I am a big fan of the corporation that pays my wage and am very happy to be working for them. And if they’re hacking in to my computer to read this diary, I’m okay with that too.

Why are we working for them?
Goodbye Woodchuck and the other one.

Well well well where do i start?

we get a knock at the door apparently, i would have no idea i was fast asleep thinking i had definitely secured a horrible death for the Partingtons.

And we were given a phone and asked to go into separate rooms and answer many questions.
This is the corporations version of a debrief…..OK i’m not liking these “Debrief’s” we get yelled at or interrogated.

After a wile we get put in our lounge and all out weapons taken off us not that we had them with us they were safely tucked away in our rooms.

After a bit some suits turn up and try to cuff Woodchuck and the other one and drag them away for more interrogation – not to happy about this but we let it happen.

After a few days we are told they are locked away for life due to some Miss truth’s – HARSH

so now i’m thinking do i want to work for a place that gives you no human rights, locks you away for life, i’m thinking not.

So i’m on my last mission with The Corp it is involving some missing Guards in the Smithsonian, the Egypt section , mummy’s maybe?

A strange thing happened on my way to the museum

“Magnum’s” first blog

It was early. God, way to early. Still, good impressions must be made. I grabbed my nearest Armani suit, slid on the loafers, smoothed out the hair, brushed teeth, swiped on some moisturiser, sprayed a little CK1 on and was ready.

Rufus said we’re going to meet the team he is mentoring. Apparently their missions haven’t been going quite so well and we’re needed there to assist with the debrief.

Charming is NOT my sort of place. Still, I could make something of the one bar there I’m sure.

We get to a clubhouse and are greeted by a heavily bearded man wearing what can only be described as…shudder…flannel. At 7:30 in the morning. Who does that? All he did was look at Rufus, say yep and walked back inside, allowing us to see ourselves in. That he was scratching himself with a hatchet didn’t bode well for civilised conversation.

Each of us was to watch over a member of the other party in separate rooms (outside the door for privacy of course) while they went through a debrief over the phone. I somehow got lumped with the flannel wearing cro-magnon.

It was quick so clearly there wasn’t too much discussed.

Rufus, however, looked concerned. I’ve got to find out how he knows stuff before everybody else. It’s uncanny. Useful, but weird.

The other group are asked to leave their weapons to one side, which they reacted a little badly too. Not sure I blame them, since this is their base, but it looks like things are going to go badly.

The Corporation turn up about four hours later and immediately arrested Carlos (apparently flannel man has a name) and the silent one, Aldo. Let’s just say that there was an interesting mix of frustration from some and a shrug of the shoulders from others. This group seems a little divided.

Rufus called me and Jessica aside.

“I need you two to help out this group for a while. I can’t really spare you, but these are good people, and they need you more than I do.”

Rufus is a good man, and I trust his judgement so I stay in the clubhouse. It’s more than a little awkward, but needs must.

We get a job as well. That’ll actually help break the ice. Some guards have been going missing from the museum. We need to find out what’s happening. It’s a long drive, but with the gear we’re toting around, flying isn’t going to be possible, so I opt for the comfort of my own car. No way I’m travelling in a seventies era shaggin’ wagon with five other men. Can you imagine the smell?

Oddly enough, as soon as I got to my car and the others saw what it was, Jasper couldn’t get into the passengers seat fast enough. Still, he made good company.

Arrived in DC and called into the FBI office as requested and met the Director. He knows we’re not really agents and who we’re actually working for (so he clearly knows more than we do at this point). He simply asked that we treat the badges we’re carrying around with respect and don’t bring his agency into disrepute and solve this odd mystery. A cordial and polite meeting and I intend to do the mans request justice.

We’ve been booked into a hotel with adjoining rooms, so we retire there for the night. Jessica seems to be getting some attention from the others. It’s like they haven’t seen a real live woman for some time. In fact…that’s actually probably EXACTLY what it is. Still, she can take care of herself. She’ll be fine.

The meeting with the head of security is in the morning. We are expected, so we get ushered straight in and sit down. The man is genuinely concerned about the missing guards, one of whom even trained him when he started years ago.

Max, Jasper and Jessica spent most of the day on the surveillance equipment while Tennessee, Kilo and I had a long discussion with head of security. The issues are happening in the Egyptian wing. Two guards on each night over two nights have turned up for work and never signed out, not being heard from again.

There apparently has been no sign of anybody coming or going other than the guards and they chow up on security footage till 1 am the first night and 5 am the second. This is all confirmed by Max, Jasper and Jessica later, after they finished reviewing the footage.

There are currently no guards for this wing at the moment until we solve the mystery. Extra security doors have been added and we’re welcome to set up as we see fit.

I take Tennessee and Kilo for a look around the Egyptian wing while the others examine the footage. We’ll get set up shortly.

This one time, at Gauntanamo

Carlos’ journal 8

We made it back to the club house, had a day to chill and catch up on sleep.

Next morning, nice and early, Rufus shows up with a bunch of people. I let them in and he introduces them as his hunting gang.

Apparently, he’s here to go through our debrief with us. So I go get everybody up and we meet in the lounge…aaaannndddd then we all have to go into separate rooms to answer our phones and do our debriefs individually. Could have just stayed in our rooms, and in Max’s case, probably slept in since we were literally phoning the debrief in.

The conversation is fairly basic, and I cover what’s asked. Everything that’s applicable is relayed back to the government and I hang up, head into the kitchen and grab breakfast.

As the others file, Aldo looks a little p*ssed off, but doesn’t say too much. Rufus looks really concerned though and asks us to make sure we leave all our weapons on the bench and as soon as they are there, they get bagged and tagged and stuffed in a locker.

“What? What’s going on here?”

So the debriefing went south from the looks of it because the Corporation is coming directly to the clubhouse to clear sh*t up and they don’t want us with our weapons in case we get violent. Yeah, doesn’t sound promising.

They must have flown in because it takes them about four hours to get there. Nothing like waiting impatiently, knowing that sh*t is about to get bad and not being able to do anything about it.

The government suits walk right in and our handler points at me and Aldo.

“Arrest them.”

I stand up in shock.

“What the f*ck?!”

So working as consultants for a secret government department apparently comes with zero human rights. At least I managed to avoid having the cuffs slapped on, but I’m shipped off to a detention block and that’s it.

God knows where and no f*cking idea how I’m getting out of here or even why I’m really here since I’m confident I have done everything I needed to.

“Well. Sh*t!”


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