Hawkes Bay Monster Hunters

Scratch that...DEAD Amish are even weirder

Carlos’ journal 2

Luckily I didn’t sustain too much in the way of injuries other than bruising, but those damn things hit really hard! Managed to get up, block the door and rest up until morning. Hopefully we can find out a bit more in the daylight.

Of course…the daylight doesn’t come does it?

The sun has probably risen over an hour ago, and the fog is so thick it’s like soup and I can barely see more than a couple of metres in front of my face.

Max is clearly frustrated and throws the front door open and strides out to the calls of those weird dead kids asking us to come out and play. I follow to make sure he doesn’t go an get himself killed and I’m a little relieved that the others decide to follow as well.

Hearing voices in two different directions, I go one way with Jasper and Max heads the other way with…damn it, that damn zombie thing must have given me a concussion…I can’t remember his name!

I head into the soupy fog and find a lake. I can hear some weird chanting in spooky child-like voices coming from the nearby forest and there looks to be a couple of figures walking towards me and Jasper. I yell out for Max as well and heft my axe, because I know this is going to get messy in some way.

Amish are weird

Carlos’ journal 1

We got a job. Our first real job.

Everybody in our small clique has seen, heard, felt or been involved in something unnatural. Some more than others, but enough to let us all know we aren’t alone in the dark. Hell, we’re not even alone in the daytime.

Things go bump no matter when or where it is. So we started a company that contracts for the government, dealing with supernatural sh*t. And we just got our first job…

Gotta go to Texas and check out some disappearances in an Amish community. Apparently they don’t like outsiders, so we have to do as we’re told and behave.

We drive over and grab some stuff from the local rangers station. The others needed some extra cr*p. Me? A decent flak jacket and a chainsaw and I’m good.

We get there and get called english all the bloody time. Weird. And they dress odd. Like super formal if you were living over a hundred years ago. And no stuff like phones and computers and sh*t. How the hell do they survive?

We get told where to park our car and get shown our lodgings and then get given a pie, which gets eaten before dinner, almost entirely by Jazz, the greedy bastard.

Dinners called and we get to hang out in a hall with everybody else staring at us and watching us eat. It’s like being the f*cking monkey in a zoo. Eat your food llama! Anyway, it’s not bad and I eat heaps. The others start dancing with kids, talking to the old people and then having a wander round outside.

I grab a seat and wait for the sh*t to hit the fan so I can start hitting stuff.

Nothing happens. Boring, so I head back to the house and grab some shut eye. Next thing I know it’s early and as I’m pottering round the kitchen, some muffins get delivered, along with some bacon and eggs for breakfast. Since I’m the only one up, I grab my share first (it’s a damn big share) and eat as many of the muffins as possible so Jazz can’t have any and then let the others know breakfast is up.

Apparently we have to leave all our useful stuff in the compound, so I grab an axe and make do. We’re headed to an old settlement that got abandoned fifteen years ago, and it’s a days walk. Easy enough.

Get stopped by a good sized tree blocking the path, so I clear it a bit to make access easier (might as well warm the axe up) and get bugged by a stupid creepy doll hanging on the tree.

Make it to the abandoned settlement and find a reasonably safe building to hang in and wait for daylight so we can scout around, but we don’t get that much time.

Something is calling out for us to play with them and come out side, so I go to have a look and something is running full speed at the door. By the time I heft my axe, it’s right there in my face trying to rip it off. I give it a good couple of whacks with the axe, but the damn thing barely noticed, and tore me up pretty good.

It falls over, just as I’m about to, so we slam the door shut and listen as more things mover round the outside. This doesn’t look super promising for collecting our first paycheck. F*ck!

Thanks for Nothing you Hippies.
Max Headrooms private thoughts.

So we receive a call from our so called employers. " The Company" ( thanks for the training you bastards what a great help you are. )

They want us to go and investigate a few disappearances over the border in Texas in a Amish Community.

Skinner our contact asked us for an equipment list and it would be doped off to us at the local Ranger Department for us to pick up ( these guys have some contacts for a secret origination )

What a lot of good it did us though all our stuff was taken from us when we arrived at the community. i really could have used my gun it turns out – will get to that.

The group was invited to a dance at the Amish Town Hall ( great time to get some info on what was happening.) Turns out that the disappearances have been happening over ten years and only now have they asked for help ( pride anyone?? )

i got some useful info from the leader of the Amish and a little old lady too. ( Leader must be a werewolf – must keep an eye on him. )

Next morning we head out for a days hike to one of their failed community’s.
Armed with our pitch forks , Axes and bow and arrows, Super equipment for tackling the supernatural, way better than Guns !! thanks for that Amish.

We came across the old buildings of the failed community and it was getting dark so we camped up for the night in one of the better looking dwellings.

it did not take to long before we were attacked buy some form of supernatural entity.
it managed to move parts of the house and talk to use in an eerie way – quite unsettling.

(Ring a Ring o Rosie) never listing to that again and not remembering this night.

our Lumber jack stood in the door and was assaulted buy a very ugly …. thing ….. i managed to get one arrow loose before we closed the door and the … thing … had fallen to the ground.

now there are more outside and the Lumber jack is not looking to flash.

Could really use my gun about now.

Thanks Amish.



Those Dam Monster Bitch’s are going DOWN !!!!


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