Hawkes Bay Monster Hunters

The Plan was simple

OH Shit oh Shit oh shit

So the plan was simple get away car with me and my guns ready out the front to shoot anything bad the other around the back to stop fleeing werewolves.

So i see a shadow in the hose and so it starts.

and that’s when the plan finished about 3 to 4 seconds into it….sigh

It turns out my first shot did not hit anything but the back door and flung it open. The rest of the party took the opportunity to enter the building instead of waiting and mowing down anything that came out.

Big mistake . they got owned. One is like to still have his face they however did manage to take one out and one fled the building.

In all the chaos of the screaming and the rushing and the driving, the plan changed to “LETS GET OUT OF THERE FAST BEFORE WE ALL DIE”.
So i hoped out of the car trying to do a 49 point turn and went past the fleeing team mates to get in side and see what i could get my hands on before the cops arrived. A few laptops later we were on our way to safety.

We finally meet up with some more nice and friendly supers that do not harm humans ( it seams there are more friendly supers out there than we were lead to believe)

Just in a matter of 2 days we have come across and old friendly vampire that does not harm humans and a pack of werewolves that do not harm humans….who knew?

The werewolves had chased the one werewolf that got away and caught him and now have interrogated him and asked if there is anything we need out of him.

Hopefully this will lead us to the Silver Fox so we can put an end to his dastardly deeds.



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