Hawkes Bay Monster Hunters

Kids are the worst

Max tells it like it is

After many days on trying to workout who was responsible for the deaths of the angels we felt like we were no closer than before.
But we being watched.
After putting up graffiti of or own, talking to the church, trying to give kids drugs and or beer and porno magazine’s we were one night lured into an ambush.
One of us herd the sound of spraying and saw a couple of young kids running away. We all followed apart from our token female who was fast asleep possibly drugged up. They managed to circle one of us and produced the angel daggers, there were no normal kids.
We opens fire on there children after they tryed to stab us.
We were doing well against these seven year old small girls unroll the disappeared into thin air.
We herd them talking to us as then then ambushed us from behind now more of them to contend with.
Things were not going well one of us down and out and the rest of us on our last legs. They disappeared again and ran off why I do not know another six seconds and we were goners.
We picked up our unconscious and one or theirs and skipped town back to the safe house to see what we are up against. If some seven year olds can do this to us I can’t imagine what an adult could do.

Ps: May have to restrain token female from integrating and hurting the seven year old.



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