Hawkes Bay Monster Hunters

Always at least one step behind

“Magnum’s fourth blog”

Max finally managed to find the seller for his new gun. Just had to wait a few days for the appointment to come good. In the mean time, he managed to get his hands on some grenades as well. Those might come in seriously useful. We’ll see.

While Max was arranging for this stuff, we did some more combing of the area, but with Kilo and Ten along to help. More eyes equals more chance to spot something supposedly. This was slowly proving false sadly.

Kilo and I went to work on the local businesses to see what was had been happening in the past few weeks. I approached a nearby security guard and got chatting. An amicable fellow, but before he could tell me much more than, the area has been real quiet lately and I’m good with that, a loud gunshot went off. Followed by several more. A look at Kilo said the same thing…probably Ten…

The gunshots were followed almost immediately by texts from Jasper saying he was severely wounded, so we rushed off to find him and try and help.

Although there was a little break in the case as Ten, Aldo and Jasper were handed a note from a random bum slinking around. The short note essentially told the small group they were too late yet again and to desist from searching since he was too powerful now he had his own pack.

Taking the note back to Jasper, who was waiting outside the warehouse, something happened. Not quite sure as all I got was some loud gunshots and some text messages. By the time Kilo and I arrived, we found Jasper in a large amount of trouble with an arm hanging limply by his side (a quick check confirmed it was badly dislocated) and Aldo looking very worse for wear. The two of them needed a hospital quickly.

Inside the van was a whole other story. The door slid open to reveal Tennessee up to his elbows in blood and viscera, scarily calmly hacking his way through the neck of a corpse, human at that.

I was later assured by Ten, Aldo and Jasper that this was in fact a werewolf, and Ten was adamant that this was the best way to ensure it was truly dead, since the last werewolf they killed didn’t exactly stay dead. Of course, this knowledge didn’t save my Armani suit from the shock vomit stains. Werewolf, one, suit, zero.

At least this gave us a trail to follow (thanks to some slick computing work from Max), and once Jasper and Aldo were out of hospital (Jasper was VERY keen to get out of there) we followed the lead to a production studio.

A clever plan was hatched to talk our way into the studio to see if they could provide the base for our non-existent documentary, scope out the place and then get back in later at night to do the real investigations.

Of course, it was empty.

A chance encounter with the janitor gave us a forwarding address though, so we had somewhere to go from there.

Of course, this was a trap, and while we may have known this on a subconscious level, it was thrown in our faces very quickly!

Heading to the new address, we were fairly cautious, but the place was clearly abandoned and derelict, with overgrown lawns, weeds and ramshackle, well, everything.

Inside was another story. There wasn’t much in the kitchen but a laptop on a desk and some chairs. Max carefully checked the chairs for a booby trap but didn’t find anything. The screen on the laptop lit up and the Silver Fox himself was on the screen talking to us. He was watching us through a multitude of cameras set up in the room.

The long and short of it was the Silver Fox gloating that we were too late, yet again. This time Max was one the keyboard trying to trace where the signal was coming from (or something like that). Once the Silver Fox realised he was doing that, he showed us a feed of a countdown with only a few seconds left. Naturally, we fled..

…and got blown from our feet in various state of injury. Getting up gingerly, I looked over and Jasper was being inhabited again. James. Our Angel. Literally.

We thanked him for the help as he healed our wounds, but it got me wondering where Angels draw the line at helping in ‘human’ affairs since Rufus had said that this entire investigation was not something he as an Angel could (or possibly, would) help with. But here’s James at our moment of need, thankfully.

Max did manage to get some form of location out of the laptop before the whole house blew up, so with little other options, I think that’s where we’re heading, especially since we are already armed and armoured and ready to go.



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