Hawkes Bay Monster Hunters

Well that was less than ideal
we are fucked all the way up the ass... all the way up

After waiting for the wolves to interrogate the silver fox’s henchman in another room as not to flee from their very scary wolf form we were told some information they managed to pull from him.
They had tired from doing so and left the rest of the job to us.

We managed to get a code word out of him for his report in time and we were going to take his place and see if we could get a face to face meeting with the Silver fox.

The talk time on the computer was quick, Silver Fox wanted to meet up in 2 days time in Hollywood. Great this would be where we would get him unawares.

We spent a few hours looking at the house trying to see if we could get any information, No one came in or out that we saw and we could not see inside.
When someone did arrive at the house we missed seeing them only to see the car pull in and garage door close.

We had plans to lure them out to see if they were anyone that we could identify but all ideas were met with disappointment has all windows were closes all blinds were closed and the fuse box was on the inside of the house…. such bad luck .

I even tried tapping into the houses WiFi but to no avail. managed to see almost everyone’s WiFi but the house we needed . Luck was against us.

We did not want a repeat of the last house we went into were the team was put into a state of shock as they witnessed to changing of a human into a Werewolf ( A scary thing to behold) so we adopted a shoot first ask questions later policy.

Rock through the back door and waiting for something to show its head …. BOOM 1 down a few seconds later BOOM 2 down at this point i asked what the house looked like and it was a family home…. we had been fooled.
That’s when the police turned up … RUN

After a tense few minutes the worlds fastest police / Olympic sprinters / athletic superstars had caught us all and as we were being loaded into the paddy wagon a familiar face walked out of his house across the road and waved us goodby.

Now we are in real trouble 2 people murdered , running from police, holding the weapon that killed these innocent people.

It might be time to end it all i do not know how i will live with myself now.

The Plan was simple
OH Shit oh Shit oh shit

So the plan was simple get away car with me and my guns ready out the front to shoot anything bad the other around the back to stop fleeing werewolves.

So i see a shadow in the hose and so it starts.

and that’s when the plan finished about 3 to 4 seconds into it….sigh

It turns out my first shot did not hit anything but the back door and flung it open. The rest of the party took the opportunity to enter the building instead of waiting and mowing down anything that came out.

Big mistake . they got owned. One is like to still have his face they however did manage to take one out and one fled the building.

In all the chaos of the screaming and the rushing and the driving, the plan changed to “LETS GET OUT OF THERE FAST BEFORE WE ALL DIE”.
So i hoped out of the car trying to do a 49 point turn and went past the fleeing team mates to get in side and see what i could get my hands on before the cops arrived. A few laptops later we were on our way to safety.

We finally meet up with some more nice and friendly supers that do not harm humans ( it seams there are more friendly supers out there than we were lead to believe)

Just in a matter of 2 days we have come across and old friendly vampire that does not harm humans and a pack of werewolves that do not harm humans….who knew?

The werewolves had chased the one werewolf that got away and caught him and now have interrogated him and asked if there is anything we need out of him.

Hopefully this will lead us to the Silver Fox so we can put an end to his dastardly deeds.

Angels not so angelic
Max tells it like it is

We took our wounded back to the safe house and made contact with Ruface.
After some snarky comments we decided to leave the demonic child alone for Ruface to do the talking.
We listened in as best we could turns out Angels have a good vocabulary.
He learned the location of the demonic infestation and gathered his mates for a bit of pay back.
Some of us were invited to see how they deal with daemons, I personally declined but a few of us went along.
The process was described to me in detail and I was under the impression that angels were ment to preserve life not just fritter it away at a whim. Theye were still living human’s, but we were told that the human was long gone (im going to find out if that’s the truth at some point).

Back home and we were invited to a shindig, by some new to the town young female with loads of cash very suspicious.

So at the party we start looking for clues to what this girl is all about, we think she us a vampire but cold not confirm it. But a few hours later she does it herself.
We were taken to a side room and she tells us she is the friendly sort of vampire and would like to be friends. More so with one of us than the others.

She even gave us a gift in the form of a trapped werewolf in a cage. He is one of the sliver fox gang.

After some spraying and prodding we learned the location of his latest abode . We sent the other werewolf ahead to scope it out and we are now on our way to destroy his existence.

Kids are the worst
Max tells it like it is

After many days on trying to workout who was responsible for the deaths of the angels we felt like we were no closer than before.
But we being watched.
After putting up graffiti of or own, talking to the church, trying to give kids drugs and or beer and porno magazine’s we were one night lured into an ambush.
One of us herd the sound of spraying and saw a couple of young kids running away. We all followed apart from our token female who was fast asleep possibly drugged up. They managed to circle one of us and produced the angel daggers, there were no normal kids.
We opens fire on there children after they tryed to stab us.
We were doing well against these seven year old small girls unroll the disappeared into thin air.
We herd them talking to us as then then ambushed us from behind now more of them to contend with.
Things were not going well one of us down and out and the rest of us on our last legs. They disappeared again and ran off why I do not know another six seconds and we were goners.
We picked up our unconscious and one or theirs and skipped town back to the safe house to see what we are up against. If some seven year olds can do this to us I can’t imagine what an adult could do.

Ps: May have to restrain token female from integrating and hurting the seven year old.

Angels need us after all
Max tells it like it is

After a few days rest we get a visit from rufas.
He says some of his friends have been murdered. I think if something is killing angels what sort of Chance do we have against them.

But time to help a Friend I’n need.
We head of on a 3 day trip to get to where the murders took place.
On the way we came across many fine eatarys and motels , lovely old lady’s that cook a mean fried chicken, good takeaway establishments and more motels . Ow what I could tell you about these places it could take up 2 hours just describing them, fine just fine places. All so we were attacked by 2 werewolves that produce shotguns out of thin air but meh they ran off scarde of me. Turns out my memory did not serve me well this day, they produced the guns from the back of their car.

Team nearly all but down and out I put them in a lovely motel slash safe house and give ruface a call, he helps the team.

2 days later we start our investigation and all our leads lead to nothing we are left scratching our heads on where or what to do next, hopefully something presents itself.

Max tells it like it is again
dragons dont like big guns

Had training for low height plane drops , did not learn a thing.
Had training for evasion , learnt I’m easily spotted.

Dropped into Colombia after finally finding each other we set up at out targets location.

Boom 1 down boom 2 down boom 3 down , reload boom boom boom target Dragon down. And most of our team down too did not go so well.

Max tells it like it is
Max Power

So some people are sulking around the house due to the loss of the first max.
After about a month of that we got the distraction we needed from the corporation, come to our super secret base for some training.
So off we go via plane to a old or so we thorght was old army plane base from ww2. There we were in intensive training in stealth and low-level parachute drops. I must be a slow learner because after the training period I felt like I have not learnt a thing, wile others steamed to be fast learners.
Training done it was time for the mission, now in typical corporation manner, they tell us about the mission, the tell us where it is, but give us no advise on what we might need or could be useful. Turns out one of us were well prepared.
So in the plane for our low height drop we all jump out one after another but the plane must have been traveling at Mach 9 because we landed 1 1/2 hours March from each other.sigh.
After waiting for the rest of the party we found our targets area and set up, shortly the targets cars turned up and the shooting started.

Time to end this charade!

“Magnum’s fifth blog”

We had a location, albeit, a vague one narrowed down to a town in the middle of nowhere. We were fully armed and armoured, and for once, able to take a lead and simply chase it down.

There was a good idea thrown out there that we could fly to our destination quicker than we could drive, so I arranged a private flight on the only available plane, a crop duster, and made a bee-line to the airport. On the way to the airport, I also booked us a rental car at the airport we were landing at so we could immediately get straight back onto the trail.

A bumpy flight lead to several people feeling fairly ill, myself included. I’ll have to ensure that I alway have some form of adequate transportation available in the future, because that flight was near on intolerable.

Touch down lead to a car ride which lead to a stop at the local police station. A flick of my FBI badge and my most charming smile saw possibly the most helpful officers in the state area rushing round to assist us in any way they could. They even dedicated an officer to watch for the IP address we tracked and let us know if this showed up again so we could get an accurate location.

In the mean time we headed to the local diner. Apparently, everybody, and I mean everybody, ends up there at some point. I flashed a photo of our Silver Fox and he was sort of recognised, and we were bid to wait for a particular waitress who served him, since she started her shift in half an hour.

When she arrived, she was able to give me some good info, suggesting that the Silver Fox had just bought a ranch nearby, and even though she couldn’t remember the exact one, my new friends at the local police station confirmed there had only been one sale in the recent past, and gave us the address.

We left the rental car at the diner with a message for the hire company and booked a taxi, and immediately headed to our destination.

It was clearly a large ranch, so Max headed to some of the enarest trees to climb up and get a lay of the land. While he saw movement, he didn’t recognise any of the people we were tracking. There was nowhere particularly appropriate for him to set up with his new rifle, so we moved down the driveway to get him closer to the shed where he could set up on the roof and keep an eye on us, with Kilo acting as his spotter.

Before we got all the way there, we saw two large canines, easily bigger than normal wolves, loping towards us. It was a sure fire bet these were werewolves as a wolf wouldn’t attack like that and their size and terrifying speed gave them away as well.

Luckily we were as prepared as wel could be for this and readied our guns for them to come into range. Max was able to take one down with two well placed shots, and the other managed to get into range to bite Jasper in the ankle before dying to the veritable hail of bullets that had come its way. And the loss of its head due to Kilo lopping it off with his katana.

The other one had somehow survived its grevious wounds and came charging towards us, perhaps to avenge its fallen comrade. This one had to survive more bullets, this time filled with silver. It didn’t.

This very quick exchange, coupled with the previous encounters with werewolves, highlighted that we really only have an advantage at range, and with superior numbers. Any other way of taking them on was considerably more likely to leave us dead.

Max and Kilo got on the roof of the shed and watched the rest of the area while Aldo and Ten took the front door of the house and Jasper and I took the back door of the same house. We came in through the kitchen and there was precious little in there other than a door going further into the house.

Moving cautiously through the door, we came face to face with guns…weilded by Ten and Aldo. Thankfully they didn’t fire on a whim. There was a cleverly hidden door in the stairs, obviously heading to a basement and the actual stairs heading up. Ten and Aldo quickly checked up there, determining nobody was home, but tow of the four beds up there were used, most likely by the werewolves we killed coming in.

Downstairs was dark. A light switch at the top of the stairs quickly provided the illumination that the two glow sticks I tossed down failed to provide.

We were in a huge basement, twice the size of a good sized lounge. A massive cage was on the back wall with a woman and a man in there. The man was chained up and straining to get to the woman, feral sounds issuing from his throat. He turned as we came in and revealed Max! The feral snarl that left him filled me with a dread I’d not felt before, and it was all I could do to not simply flee the room.

Jasper made a quick exit to go and grab Kilo and our other Max. The rest of us moved cautiously closer.

As we moved, Max grew in size and bulk and tore free of the chains, leaping onto the woman, obviously his sister, and tore her throat apart in one fell bite of his now massive jaws. Horror, revulsion and sadness hit me like a hammer blow and the only option we flet we had was to put Max down like the rabid dog he was acting like.

A hailstorm of bullets ripped into him, ending his life quickly. Hopefully he wasn’t in too much pain at the end. Unfortunately, we were too late to save the life of the beautiful young woman in the cell with him. All that was left was the necessary clean up.

There was a screen on the wall looknig over the cage that flicked to life as Max breathed his last. The Silver Fox himself. He bemoaned the loss of the one who was supposed to become his apprentice and new right hand man. He threatened us with violence and the loss of all we held dear for setting him back and the screen dide, just as he promised we hadn’t heard the last of him.

He was right…I’ll hunt him to the ends of the earth! I will find him again, and end his miserable life.

A phone call to the Corporation got us the clean up crew and our rides out of here. The whole time on the basement was difficult to focus on, and Jasper couldn’t, or wouldn’t, remember any of it. Perhaps the traumatic experience was too much. Regardless, one chapter closed, but it felt like several more were waiting to be opened.

Final addendum: Time to find some specialist body guard style protection as well.

Always at least one step behind

“Magnum’s fourth blog”

Max finally managed to find the seller for his new gun. Just had to wait a few days for the appointment to come good. In the mean time, he managed to get his hands on some grenades as well. Those might come in seriously useful. We’ll see.

While Max was arranging for this stuff, we did some more combing of the area, but with Kilo and Ten along to help. More eyes equals more chance to spot something supposedly. This was slowly proving false sadly.

Kilo and I went to work on the local businesses to see what was had been happening in the past few weeks. I approached a nearby security guard and got chatting. An amicable fellow, but before he could tell me much more than, the area has been real quiet lately and I’m good with that, a loud gunshot went off. Followed by several more. A look at Kilo said the same thing…probably Ten…

The gunshots were followed almost immediately by texts from Jasper saying he was severely wounded, so we rushed off to find him and try and help.

Although there was a little break in the case as Ten, Aldo and Jasper were handed a note from a random bum slinking around. The short note essentially told the small group they were too late yet again and to desist from searching since he was too powerful now he had his own pack.

Taking the note back to Jasper, who was waiting outside the warehouse, something happened. Not quite sure as all I got was some loud gunshots and some text messages. By the time Kilo and I arrived, we found Jasper in a large amount of trouble with an arm hanging limply by his side (a quick check confirmed it was badly dislocated) and Aldo looking very worse for wear. The two of them needed a hospital quickly.

Inside the van was a whole other story. The door slid open to reveal Tennessee up to his elbows in blood and viscera, scarily calmly hacking his way through the neck of a corpse, human at that.

I was later assured by Ten, Aldo and Jasper that this was in fact a werewolf, and Ten was adamant that this was the best way to ensure it was truly dead, since the last werewolf they killed didn’t exactly stay dead. Of course, this knowledge didn’t save my Armani suit from the shock vomit stains. Werewolf, one, suit, zero.

At least this gave us a trail to follow (thanks to some slick computing work from Max), and once Jasper and Aldo were out of hospital (Jasper was VERY keen to get out of there) we followed the lead to a production studio.

A clever plan was hatched to talk our way into the studio to see if they could provide the base for our non-existent documentary, scope out the place and then get back in later at night to do the real investigations.

Of course, it was empty.

A chance encounter with the janitor gave us a forwarding address though, so we had somewhere to go from there.

Of course, this was a trap, and while we may have known this on a subconscious level, it was thrown in our faces very quickly!

Heading to the new address, we were fairly cautious, but the place was clearly abandoned and derelict, with overgrown lawns, weeds and ramshackle, well, everything.

Inside was another story. There wasn’t much in the kitchen but a laptop on a desk and some chairs. Max carefully checked the chairs for a booby trap but didn’t find anything. The screen on the laptop lit up and the Silver Fox himself was on the screen talking to us. He was watching us through a multitude of cameras set up in the room.

The long and short of it was the Silver Fox gloating that we were too late, yet again. This time Max was one the keyboard trying to trace where the signal was coming from (or something like that). Once the Silver Fox realised he was doing that, he showed us a feed of a countdown with only a few seconds left. Naturally, we fled..

…and got blown from our feet in various state of injury. Getting up gingerly, I looked over and Jasper was being inhabited again. James. Our Angel. Literally.

We thanked him for the help as he healed our wounds, but it got me wondering where Angels draw the line at helping in ‘human’ affairs since Rufus had said that this entire investigation was not something he as an Angel could (or possibly, would) help with. But here’s James at our moment of need, thankfully.

Max did manage to get some form of location out of the laptop before the whole house blew up, so with little other options, I think that’s where we’re heading, especially since we are already armed and armoured and ready to go.

Max looks for Max
Max tells it like it is

Got a call from an old mate needing help tracing down one of his crew.
Ten grand later I arrive and start to track this Max fellow.
The trail leads us to LA .
We get new suits and have a meeting with a supposed werewolf, just looked like an average man to me. Tells us to wait for another death because the trail has gone cold. So now it’s a waiting game . Time to find myself a nice rifle with my new found wealth.


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